Welcome to the IWMP online toolkit!

This toolkit was developed to assist municipalities in developing their own Integrated Waste Management Plan (IWMP) documents.

The toolkit must be used in conjunction with the guideline document that provides detailed information and examples on how to develop an IWMP as well as where and how to collect the required data.

The guideline is available online at http://iwmp.environment.gov.za

The user manual for this toolkit can be downloaded here.

This toolkit consists of interactive data forms that must be completed by a municipality. Information about their demographic population and waste are examples of the type of information that will be included.

Once the forms have been filled in, the system will create a customized MS Word template containing an outline for the IWMP document to be developed. The template will contain the situation analysis data provided by the municipality in table and graph format.

The municipality can edit and adjust the MS Word template and finalize it for submission.

For instructions on how to use this toolkit, download the User Manual.